I had the chance to connect with Peter Lee, founder of COBA, The Coffee Bar. He has created what can be considered part of the “4th wave of coffee” and has spent years perfecting the bar.

COBA, The Coffee Bar: Image provided by the COBA team

Can you give us a highlight of how your journey started?

It really started with the question of, “What do I think the future of coffee is going to be?”, as I’ve been a coffee guy for a long time. In fact, I actually dropped out of high school with the idea to start a café and thought that was going to be my…

Big & Mini helps promote intergenerational connection while combating social isolation

OneZero: What is Big & Mini?

Aditi Merchant: Big & Mini is a nonprofit organization that works to connect young adults with seniors (typically over 60 years old) to form mutually beneficial connections and combat loneliness. It is a virtual platform, so all you need to join is a computer or phone. After going through a quick application process and background check you can be connected with someone who has similar interests and is from a different generation. The two individuals are able to talk with one another and learn about each other’s life experiences. …

Looking to go a certain direction? Swifte’s got you covered!

DeMay (right) and co-founder Justine Avoudikpon

What is Swifte Carpooling?

Swifte is a long distance carpooling app specifically for college students. We match drivers with extra space, with riders who want to go to the same place. We help students get home on the weekends, go to festivals, and adventure outside of the city!

How did you come up with the idea for the app?

The idea really came from a need that both my co-founder and I had ourselves. I went to UCLA but was from the Bay Area and would need to get home…

“It started as a small thing, but ended up expanding way bigger than we ever imagined.” — Celeste

Co-founders Celeste Durve (Left) and Kelsi Kitchener (right)

What is VIPER?

VIPER is the leading full service front of house production and VIP hospitality company. We are an operations and logistics company that begins with sending out invites for client’s events and compiling their guest list. On site, we run all points of entrance. Our team of VIPER girls handles the entire check in process from guest entrance to talent pulls to VIP escorting. …

It is not very common to be able to work on a product which you are immensely passionate about. However, Megh has been able to do just that as a co-founder of Integral.

What is Integral?

Integral is a platform that helps artists make more money through digital commerce. We allow artists to produce any product they would like to sell to consumers. For example, if an artist wants to sell t-shirts, we will build their eCommerce site, manage their inventory, and help with all end to end details in order to get the product to the consumer. …

I had the chance to sit down with Tim Connors, a New Jersey native studying at UCLA. Connors is the founder of SoCal Grad Club.

What is your product?

SoCal Grad Club is a package consisting of a cap, gown, and tassel for undergraduate commencements.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Last year I was hanging out with people from my entrepreneurship fraternity, Sigma Eta Pi, and one of the guys mentioned, “These graduation outfits are so expensive. We should rent these instead.” So I set a reminder on my phone and started looking into…

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